#RECEPTION#ERASMOUS +/ 2018-1-EL01-KA101-047178:«From Pre-School to Primary School: A Great Step in a safe and familiar embrace»


1) In the framework of the implementation of the Erasmus program and of my 1st  Action «Dancing in English,» on 5/6/2018 the infants met the English teacher, the Children of 4th  class and came in contact with the English lesson. They watched a video of the song «Make a Circle,» and the children of 4th  class put them in a circle, collaborated harmoniously and taught them to sing and dance the song.

2) On the same day, 5/6/2018, a visit of the infants  to 6th  and 2nd  class  took place in order to come into experiential contact with the area and familiarize themselves with the teaching methods of the English course. The children taught the infants  an  English Action song for a family of animals and went out to the yard to dance it all together. So, a dancing company was created who enjoyed themselves while learning English. Infants  left  very excited  about elementary school and Foreign Language lesson.

First Action: «We Dance and  Learn  English with 4th  Class «

On June 5th, 2018 the children of the Kindergarten met for the first time the teacher who will teach them English at Elementary School, Mrs. Yourou  Kalliopi, when they will attend the 1st  grade. The meeting was made after an invitation they received from herself, through the kindergarten teacher  Dimitriadou Maria, written in English!

The Kindergarten teacher read in English and translated the content of the invitation to the infants, spoke to them about the foreign language they heard and explained that they would learn this language in the Primary School. On the scheduled day and time, they all went to the English  Classroom of our school during the English lesson of 4th  class.. The pupils and the teacher  welcomed  the children of Kindergarten and their  teacher, they met each other in a cordial atmosphere and together they watched a video of the Action Song «Make a Circle». The children of 4th  class  helped the infants form a circle all together, and they learned to sing and dance step by step the particular song, with music playing a catalytic role in the whole process of relaxation and acquaintance!

 2nd Action: » Dancing and Learning English with the 6th Class»

On the same day (5/6/2018), a visit of the infants to the 6th class was held  to bring the infants into contact with the Headmistress Mrs Lafara, the place, the children and the teachers plus to experience  the teaching of  English at the elementary school.

Mrs. Yourou, together with the children of the 6th grade opened up a big hug of welcome and love to the infants  and their teacher by  dancing and singing  for the them  an  English Action song about a family of animals. Then they all went out to the yard and they danced again the same song this time as a big company. A dancing company who was incredibly entertained while learning the English verse of the song! Infants left very happy and excited giving an appointment in September!

#RECEPTION#ERASMOUS +/ 2018-1-EL01-KA101-047178:«From Pre-School to Primary School: A Great Step in a safe and familiar embrace»

Ρesponsible teacher: Mrs. Marianthi  Oikonomou 

1st action: Getting acquainted with the lesson of Physical Education

On Tuesday,12th  June  2018, the Physical Education Teacher, Mrs. Marianthi  Oikonomou, invited the infants during the Physical Education lesson with the 2nd  grade to get in touch with one of the new lessons to be taught during the new school year .

They were separated into couples (a 2nd grade child and a toddler) and played balloon cooperation games. The children had to move around the school yard, holding the balloon with several points in their body (head with a head, hand by hand, right foot with left foot, back to back …), following a specific route. A key prerequisite for success was their close cooperation to prevent the balloon from falling down. Then they exchanged passages with their pair using each other and a different body member according to the instructions (forehead, palm, knee, etc.).

2nd action: Infants participation in the final sports and cultural events of the school

The first contact of infants with the lesson of the education and the gymnast was incredibly entertaining and the infants expressed the desire to play the same game again. The gymnast therefore suggested and the infants accepted to repeat it with 2nd  grade children, two days later, on 14 June 2018, in the context of sports and cultural events at the end of the school year of our school.

The events were attended for the first time with the whole school by the infants and their parents. The game they showed excited the audience and they were applauded.

#RECEPTION#ERASMOUS +/ 2018-1-EL01-KA101-047178:«From Pre-School to Primary School: A Great Step in a safe and familiar embrace»

1st action: Visit of infants in 2nd grade and presentation of their diet program – Breakfast and lunch with 2nd class


On May 22, 2018, the infants visited the A1 class of our school, where they presented with their Kindergarten, Mrs. Dimitriadou Maria, part of the educational program they carried out in the school year 2017-18 on the issue the value of proper nutrition in children’s health. At the end of the event, infants received a suggestion from the 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Lioliou Olympia, to re-present the same program the next day, May 23, 2018 to the students of 2nd class.

After the presentation of the toddler’s program at the school’s events venue, a breakfast meal was held in the 2nd classroom with the participation of the Director Mrs. Lafara Anastasia and the teacher Mrs. Tsantzou Eleni. The infants discussed with the teachers and the Director about the type and quality of the foods that included in their breakfast and of course, through the relaxed atmosphere created by the infants, they came close to the new environment and the teachers.

It was a very interesting, fun and very tender contact between infants and teachers who prepared and offered breakfast.

At the end of the event, the schoolteacher of 2nd class, Mrs. Lioliou Olympia, invited the infants on June 5, 2018 in the courtyard of the school to celebrate together the World Environment Day.


2nd action: «Together A Day In The Air, Infants And 2nd Class»

On the occasion of the World Environment Day on June 5th , 2018, the infants and the children of the 2nd grade met again, this time in the school yard, with the aim of acquainting infants with the outdoors of the school. Children and teachers with the Director Mrs. Anastasia Lafara, planted, watered and treated flowers in the school garden. Each class sang their own songs, danced and felt warmth and intimacy.

3nd action: Breakfast action: «Having a breakfast Together, Infants And 2nd Class»

We also invite infants in our class to take a breakfast all together, and get to know each other better. The climate was very friendly and warm and the children felt very nice and comfortable.


#RECEPTION#ERASMOUS +/ 2018-1-EL01-KA101-047178:«From Pre-School to Primary School: A Great Step in a safe and familiar embrace»

Resbosible teachers:Mrs. Lafara Anastasia ( School Director ) & Mr. Kolovos Georgios

During May and June 2018, the Special Education Teacher and Head of the School’s Integration Department, Mr. Kolovos Georgios, in cooperation with the Director Mrs. Lafara Anastasia, had several visits to kindergarten at regular intervals to investigate and detect the difficulties of infants.

They first met with the children, chatted with them, played and participated in kindergarten activities with the full help of the kindergarten teachers, who played a catalytic role in the issue of mutual acceptance and familiarity.

Within the above framework, Mr. Kolovos, in cooperation with both the Director and the kindergarten teachers, helped to identify the difficulties of some infants in understanding, accepting, responding to teaching, self-esteem, and expressing their  feelings (Gresham, 1991. Wolf & Bowers, 1999).

Joint activities were then carried out  to facilitate the expression of these difficulties and acceptance by both children themselves and by parents and educators (Miedel & Reynolds, 2000; Temple, Reynolds, & Miedel, 2000; Eiserman , Weber & McCoun, 1995; Park, Turnbull & Turnbull, 2002).

They were given instructions to deal with them in the kindergarten, at home and of course in the primary school, in order to continue and strengthen the effort for the next six years of study of these children, within a framework of mutual understanding and mutual support of all those involved in this process and mainly the children with positive results (Powell-Smith, Shinn, Stoner & Good, 2000; Thurston & Dasta, 1999).

#RECEPTION#ERASMOUS +/ 2018-1-EL01-KA101-047178:«From Pre-School to Primary School: A Great Step in a safe and familiar embrace»

2nd ACTION: «Expressing feelings by painting»


Responsible teacher: Tsantzou Helen

The teacher, Mrs. Tsantzou Helen, following the actions of acquaintance and familiarization of the infants with the new environment of the Primary School  implemented by the members of the pedagogical team participating in the Erasmus + program, proceeded to a next level.

With the help of the children of the 4th grade and in cooperation with the Director Mrs. Lafara Anastasia, Dimitriadou Maria and Nikolaou Polyxeni, in a friendly and loving climate that was cultivated among other things through the participation of the infants in the exhibition of paintings of the school, she asked the infants to paint. They were asked to «talk» about how they feel about changing school and coming to elementary school, to talk, as Vygotsky says, about their own personal story (Brooks, 2009). To give with their paintings a message, to communicate their code, their contact (Goodnow, 1977). To draw emotions, experiences, but also to solve the possible problems and all these naturally incorporated in the context of their transition to the new school environment, the elementary school (Rudolph & Arheim, 1974).

The children of 4th Class on the other hand took part in the whole process of expressing the feelings of infants with paintings, creating a friendly and emotional atmosphere. Through well-organized and targeted facilitating questions and discussions with infants with immediacy, spontaneity of age, and responsibility as a product of prior preparation, they helped infants relax and express their feelings through painting.

The questions that were used were:

- What are you painting?

- How do you feel about changing school?

- What makes you nervous?

- What makes you happy?

- What would you like your class to have?

- would you like to have a Mr or a Mrs as a teacher? How would you like him or her to be?

At the end of the activity, when the teacher Mrs.  Tsantzou asked the infants to give her their drawing as a memento, they all gladly accepted to do so.

When the infants returned to kindergarten, the working groups of the 4th grade pupils filled out the replies – statements given by the infants during the activity on a worksheet.

Then, the children’s paintings were evaluated on the basis of the study by Evi Crotti & Alberto Magni » How to Interpret Children’s Drawings – The Children’s Secret Language «. Evi Crotti, a psychologist and educator, and Alberto Magni, a physician with psychosomatic, forensic and psychotherapy, argue that «The needs of a young child, which may not be expressed in words, clearly leave their traces on paper: designs, colours, smudges … «.

Within the above interpretive framework, the elements of a painting that show anxiety and insecurity (Crotti & Magni, 2004) are:

 Very intense and repeated erasure.

 Illustrations low on the page (Figures 1 and 3)

 Unusually small drawings (Fig. 1)

 Gentle colors

 Excessive shade (fig.3)

 Lack of symmetry in the drawings (Fig. 2)

Some of these elements were observed in three drawings:

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Elements that show feelings of security and self-confidence are:

 Colours in the center of the page or high on the page

 Certain clear lines

 Bright and vibrant colors

 Big-sized designs

 Smiling faces

 Illustration of large trees with outstretched branches and obvious roots

The majority of infants” designs had enough of these elements.

What the children “paintings said” were also confirmed by the infants themselves in their interview (See presentation: «EXPRESSING FEELINGS THROUGH PAINTING «)

The coding, analysis and exploration of open-ended and closed-type questions was done through holistic approaches to the context that co-ordinates the understanding of things. They have been processed using the method of speech analysis, which allows for in-depth investigation and interpretation in relation to the causes that led the subjects to express specific views or behaviors and not only in relation to the content of thoughts, opinions and their practices (Cohen, Manion, 1994. Iosifidis, 2003).

Initially, a critical review of the questions selected to strengthen the participants was attempted in the belief that the human factor can change his own life and trust the prospect that the environments can become developmental. Research is approached in the belief that the action of researchers is able to maximize self-awareness as a player in everyday life as a catalyst for positive change, thus gaining a dialectic distance from events (Bogdan & Bilken, 1982. Kincheloe, 2003 ). Thus, through the understanding that leads to the interpretation of behaviors and attitudes, it is possible to discover the possibilities for a change.

In addition, people choose their language or the repertoires they will use depending on what they want to achieve each time  and in relation to the specific conditions, eventually constructing a version of reality among many others (Potter & Wetherell, 1987) the reliability and validity of research is the result of statistical processing and careful analysis and interpretation (Mishler, 1996).

The material of the present study is 14 questionnaires distributed to adults, parents of infants, as well as notes from previous pilot discussions (Bell, 1997. Cohen, Manion, 1994. Filias, 2000)


The theoretical approach to the issues that were initially evaluated and re-evaluated as important and necessary to understand and interpret the phenomenon of transition from the kindergarten to elementary school, initially formed the axes of the interview that was to be structured, including as simple as possible and understandable questions that give answers about research goals (Bell, 1997). Of course, the free conversations that preceded with people of the nearby environment of the infants, wherever possible, helped (Cohen, Manion, 1994).

The collection of the material that took place in June 2018, followed by statistical data processing and statistical analysis (Filia, 2000), which led to the following results:

Conclusions of action

Evaluation of the Phase Intervention Program

Infants with their paintings «declared» in their majority optimistic and happy about coming to the Primary School. On the 8th of  June 2018, the action had almost completed the first phase of the intervention program for their smooth transition. The educational team that implemented it interpreted the results of the activity as an indicator of the achievement of its objectives.


#RECEPTION#ERASMOUS +/ 2018-1-EL01-KA101-047178:«From Pre-School to Primary School: A Great Step in a safe and familiar embrace»

ACTION 1: An acquaintance visit- A new elementary lesson: «The Flexible Zone»

On May 9th 2018, the first visit of the infants to the A2 class was held – the second in a row visit to the classroom – for the purpose of getting acquainted with the children of Primary School. The students of the A2 class with their teacher Mrs. Christidou Olga welcomed with great pleasure the children of Kindergarten and their kindergarten, Mrs. Dimitriadou Maria! After meeting and introducing themselves, the children of the Primary School presented the lessons included in the program and focused on the Flexible Zone Lesson.

Then Mrs. Christidou referred to the educational program that was carried out by the A2 class with the title «FINDING THE ALPHABET AND ALL THE TRUTH IN AESOP’S FAIRYTALES». The pupils of the class read and presented Aesop’s tales, sang, danced and painted them along with the infants.

The infants were enthusiastic about the idea of ​​learning the alphabet through fairy tales and asked to take part in some way in the A2 class program. After discussion, it was decided to involve the infants with their own events in the final presentation of the program and two appointments were scheduled on May 30 and June 6 to make common rehearsals.

The first visit of the infants to the A2 class ended with free play in the courtyard of the school.

2nd ACTION: Presentation of A2 class training program

On Wednesday, June 13, 2018, at 6.30 pm, the students of the A2 class together with their teacher ended the school year with a summer celebration, in which they presented with the infants their educational program title » FINDING THE ALPHABET AND ALL THE TRUTH IN AESOP’S FAIRYTALES».

The pupils of the Elementary School and the infants animated the Aesop’s myths with a very humorous mood. They dramatized Aesop’s tales, danced and sang them, with great success in front of their parents and classmates.

#RECEPTION#ERASMOUS +/ 2018-1-EL01-KA101-047178:«From Pre-School to Primary School: A Great Step in a safe and familiar embrace»

1st Class

A1 Class Division

1st Action: 1st Infants’ School Visit to Our Class – Acquaintance

In mid-May, the first scheduled visit to the classroom was held with the aim of getting children acquainted, infants and primary school children. We showed them our books and bags and told them what lessons we do in the elementary school. We talked about the similarities and differences between the two schools. Infants showed great interest and participated in the debate. The students gave the kindergarten children a paper flower they made themselves.


2nd Action: 2nd Influence of Infants on Our Class – Teaching

At the end of May, the second scheduled visit of infants was held to teach the subject of Language. Class A1 pupils taught to the infants, in the presence of kindergarten teachers, a lesson from the first issue of the Language book. Infants attended the course with questions, answers and drawings. At the end, they sang the lesson song and watched all the relevant videos.

3rd Action: 3rd Visit of Infants – Presentation of the program

At the beginning of June, the program of the flexible zone was presented to the children of the kindergarten in the A1 class in the presence of the teachers. In the end, the infants were dancing and singing together the song: «If all the children of the earth».


1st Class- A1 Division (responsible teacher: Psidridou  Aikaterini)

6th Nursery School of Naoussa (Head Nursery teacher: Dimitriadou Maria)

1st Action:

First visit of our children to our class – Acquaintance

On May 8, 2018, the first planned visit of the children to the classroom was held in order to get acquainted with the children, Kindergarten and Primary School. We showed them our books and bags and told them what lessons we do in the elementary school. We talked about the similarities and differences between the two schools. Infants showed great interest and participated in the debate. The pupils gave the children of the kindergarten a paper flower that they made themselves.

Action 2:

2nd visit of our children to our class – Contact with Elementary School

On May 15, 2018, the second scheduled visit of infants was held to attend teaching in the language lesson. The students of the A1 class in cooperation with their teacher Mrs. Katerina Psidouda contended and managed the course of teaching, in the presence of the kindergarten, which concerned a lesson from the first issue of the book of the language. Infants attended the course with questions, answers and drawings. In the end we all sang the lesson song and watched a relevant video.

3rd Action:

3rd visit of Infants to our class: Teaching

On May 22, 2018, infants visited our class again. During this visit and in cooperation with Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Maria Dimitriadou, a peer experience for children was organized. The pupils of the 1st  grade undertook to present to the infants  a fairy tale and the infants to present to the children of the Primary School a part of the educational program that they implemented during the school year that passed. Thus, the children of the Elementary School narrated dramatically, sang, danced and painted their fairytale along with the infants  while the infants on the other hand took  the role of «teacher» with great joy and satisfaction, they spoke about the value of nutrition to children’s health and asked the Primary children to make a poster with the same subject.

Production of written language by the students of the 1st grade after the visit of the infants

The other day the infants visited our classroom for the third time.

We were anxiously expecting them because we had a surprise. We taught them a lesson in Language. Dimos, Stelios and Stefanos became «teachers» and taught the lesson as if they were the teacher. Another read and another asked questions like: what they understood, who can say the fairy in his own words, whether he liked it or not. The lesson was: «The strange journey of Cloudiness».

Then we saw the video with the song and we all sang it together. In the end we gave them something to paint about the fairy tale. Before they  left, we made them a gift, a crown like King Fire and Cloudiness !!!

We had a great time! It is truly fun to make the teacher!

Dimos K. Stefanos T.


4th Action :

Invitation to Presentation of the First Class Educational Program

On 7 June the presentation of the educational program titled «Enchanting Routes in Art – Yannis Ritsos» was presented, which was carried out by the First Class, in the presence of the teachers of the Primary School and the Kindergarten, in the cultural area of ​​our Municipality. The infants and parents received a personal invitation to watch it. At the end of the event parents and infants were asked to participate by dancing and singing the well-known lyrics of Yiannis Ritsos in the song «If All the Children of the Earth».

#RECEPTION#ERASMOUS+(2018-1-EL01-KA101-047178):Επιμόρφωση εκπ/κών στο Ζάγκρεμπ στην Κροατία: Erasmus +

Μια ομάδα εκπαιδευτικών του σχολείου μας, η Διευθύντρια κ. Λαφάρα Αναστασία, η κ. Λιόλιου Ολυμπία και η κ. Τσάντζου Ελένη, συμμετείχαν σε πρόγραμμα επιμόρφωσης εκπ/κών στο Ζάγκρεμπ της Κροατίας. Η επιμόρφωση έγινε στα πλαίσια υλοποίησης από το 6ο Δημοτικό Σχολείο Νάουσας του Ευρωπαϊκού Προγράμματος Erasmus+, Δράση ΚΑ1 – Μαθησιακή Κινητικότητα Ατόμων : 2018-1-EL01-KA101-047178 και τίτλο: «Μετάβαση από το Νηπιαγωγείο στο Δημοτικό: Ένα μεγάλο βήμα σε μια ασφαλή και γνώριμη αγκαλιά»- RECEPTION.

Η εμπειρία αυτή ήταν εξαιρετική και ωφέλιμη, καθώς εκπ/κοί από έξι κράτη της Ευρώπης, Ελλάδα, Κροατία, Δανία, Νορβηγία, Ιρλανδία και Ισλανδία, βρέθηκαν μαζί για πέντε ολόκληρες μέρες (από 1 μέχρι και 5 Οκτωβρίου 2018), αντάλλαξαν ιδέες και μίλησαν για καλές πρακτικές στο θέμα της μετάβασης των νηπίων από το Νηπιαγωγείο στο Δημοτικό Σχολείο.

Το 6ο Δημοτικό Σχολείο Νάουσας, ήδη από τον Μάιο 2018 υλοποίησε δράσεις και δραστηριότητες που διευκολύνουν την μετάβαση νηπίων στο Δημοτικό και καλλιεργούν συνθήκες συνεργασίας, αλληλοσεβασμού και κατανόησης εκπ/κών και παιδιών του Νηπιαγωγείου και του Δημοτικού. Οι γονείς και οι μαθητές της φετινής Α΄ τάξης, μέσα από διαδικασίες γνωριμίας και αλληλοκατανόησης των αναγκών όλων των πλευρών φάνηκε φέτος ότι ήρθαν στο Δημοτικό με λιγότερο άγχος για το νέο πλαίσιο, καθώς γνωριστήκαμε, παίξαμε, αλληλοδιδαχτήκαμε όλοι μαζί ήδη από τον Μάιο.

#RECEPTION#ERASMUS+(2018-1-EL01-KA101-047178): Η πρώτη μέρα των παιδιών της Α΄ τάξης στο Δημοτικό Σχολείο

Η πρώτη μέρα στο Δημοτικό Σχολείο έχει ιδιαίτερη σημασία και αξία για τα παιδιά που θα φοιτήσουν στην Α΄ τάξη. Είναι η λεγόμενη μετάβαση των παιδιών από το μικρό σχολειό (Νηπιαγωγείο) σε ένα πιο μεγάλο σχολικό πλαίσιο, το Δημοτικό Σχολείο:«Μετάβαση από το Νηπιαγωγείο στο Δημοτικό: Ένα μεγάλο βήμα σε μια ασφαλή και γνώριμη αγκαλιά»- «From Pre-School to Primary School: A Great Step in a safe and familiar embrace», όπως ακριβώς τιτλοφορείται και το Ευρωπαϊκό Πρόγραμμα Εράσμους +(2018-1-EL01-KA101-047178), το οποίο υλοποιεί το σχολείο μας!

Αναγνωρίζοντας λοιπόν την συμβολική σημασία που αποκτά για το παιδί του νηπιαγωγείου που έρχεται στο Δημοτικό αυτή μετάβαση, οι εκπαιδευτικοί του σχολείου μας που συμμετέχουν στο πρόγραμμα, προετοίμασαν μια ιδιαίτερη υποδοχή στα παιδιά και στους γονείς της Α΄ τάξης, αμέσως μετά το πέρας του αγιασμού:

Η Διευθύντρια κ. Αναστασία Λαφάρα, κάλεσε γονείς και μαθητές/ριες να έρθουν στην αίθουσα της Α΄ τάξης, όπου τους υποδέχτηκε με αγάπη και ζεστασιά η δασκάλα τους κ. Ολυμπία Λιόλιου και όλη η παιδαγωγική ομάδα του προγράμματος: κ.κ. Αναστασία Λαφάρα, Τσάντζου Ελένη, Ψυρίδου Αικατερίνη, Χριστίδου Όλγα, Οικονόμου Μαριάνθη, Γιούρου Καλλιόπη και Κολοβός Γεώργιος! Κάτω από τις μελωδίες κλασικής μουσικής, συναντηθήκαμε ξανά όλοι μαζί, μετά από τις διακοπές του καλοκαιριού, κουβεντιάσαμε με τα παιδιά και τους γονείς, δοκιμάσαμε  αλμυρές και γλυκές σπιτικές δημιουργίες- καφέ οι μεγάλοι και χυμούς τα παιδιά- όλα φτιαγμένα με μεράκι και αγάπη από όλη την ομάδα. Η ικανοποίησή μας ήταν πολύ μεγάλη όταν είδαμε χαρούμενα και ήρεμα πρόσωπα σε μικρούς και μεγάλους! Πραγματικά οι κοινές δράσεις με το Νηπιαγωγείο που προηγήθηκαν από τον Μάιο μέχρι και τον Σεπτέμβριο, είναι φανερό ότι λειτούργησαν καταλυτικά στην ομαλότητα της μετάβασης!

Μας το επικοινώνησαν εξάλλου με ξεκάθαρο τρόπο και οι ίδιοι οι γονείς και φυσικά και τα γλυκά πρόσωπα των παιδιών!

Η τελετή υποδοχής των μαθητών/ριών της Α΄ τάξης έκλεισε με μία ακόμη έκπληξη από την δασκάλα τους κ. Λιόλιου που ετοίμασε και μοίρασε με αγάπη δωράκια στα παιδιά, καλωσορίζοντάς τα εκτός των άλλων και με υπέροχα, συμβολικά και χρωματιστά λόγια που έγραψε στο καθένα!

#RECEPTION#ERASMOUS +(2018-1-EL01-KA101-047178): «Μετάβαση από το Νηπιαγωγείο στο Δημοτικό: «Ένα μεγάλο βήμα σε μια ασφαλή και γνώριμη αγκαλιά» (ΔΡΑΣΗ ΑΞΙΟΛΟΓΗΣΗΣ -ΕΡΩΤΗΜΑΤΟΛΟΓΙΟ ΝΗΠΙΩΝ)

ERASMOUS +(2018-1-EL01-KA101-047178):

 «Μετάβαση από το Νηπιαγωγείο στο Δημοτικό: Ένα μεγάλο βήμα σε μια ασφαλή και γνώριμη αγκαλιά»- «From Pre-School to Primary School: A Great Step in a safe and familiar embrace»



Μέσα από τις εμπειρίες μας τόσο ως δάσκαλοι όσο και ως γονείς αισθανθήκαμε την ανάγκη  να προσεγγίσουμε θεωρητικά και πρακτικά, το θέμα της ομαλής μετάβασης των νηπίων στο Δημοτικό Σχολείο, με δράσεις ενταγμένες σε ένα ευρύτερο και καλά σχεδιασμένο project, με τρόπο ολιστικό και οργανωμένο (Downer, Driscoll, and Pianta, 2006; Entwisle & Alexander, 1998).

Πιο συγκεκριμένα, σχεδιάσαμε και εγκρίθηκε από το Erasmus+, ένα πρόγραμμα ομαλής μετάβασης των παιδιών που θα έρθουν από το 6ο Νηπιαγωγείο της Νάουσας στο σχολείο μας. Το πρόγραμμα ξεκίνησε ανεπίσημα από τον Μάρτιο του 2018 και θα ολοκληρωθεί τον Μάιο του 2020. Έχει ως σκοπό να υποστηρίξει μέσα από οργανωμένες δράσεις και εκδηλώσεις, την προετοιμασία των παιδιών και των γονέων που θα φοιτήσουν στην Α΄ τάξη του σχολείου μας την επόμενη σχολική χρονιά 2018-19 και τη νέα προετοιμασία των παιδιών, των γονέων και των εκπ/κών στην μεθεπόμενη σχολική χρονιά 2019-20 (Briggs, 1997; McCain & Mustard, 1999; Rosenkoetter, Whaley, Hains and Pierce, 2001; Dockett & Perry, 2001).

Στα πλαίσια λοιπόν αυτού του εκπαιδευτικού προγράμματος και των κοινών εκπαιδευτικών δραστηριοτήτων και προγραμμάτων των Νηπίων με τους μαθητές του Δημοτικού, πραγματοποιήθηκαν οι ακόλουθες δράσεις:

ΔΡΑΣΗ ΑΞΙΟΛΟΓΗΣΗΣ (ερωτηματολόγι0 νηπίων)

Η εκπαιδευτικός Τσάντζου Ελένη επιμελήθηκε ένα ερωτηματολόγιο κατάλληλα δομημένο για παιδιά που δεν γνωρίζουν γραφή και ανάγνωση και σε συνεργασία με τη Νηπιαγωγό Δημητριάδου Μαρία το μοίρασαν στα νήπια με σκοπό να διερευνήσουν τις αλλαγές στα συναισθήματα και τις στάσεις τους σε ό,τι αφορά στη μετάβασή τους στο Δημοτικό μετά από την ολοκλήρωση των δράσεων της εκπαιδευτικής ομάδας του προγράμματος.

Η θεωρητική προσέγγιση των θεμάτων που αξιολογήθηκαν αρχικά και επαναξιολογήθηκαν στην πορεία ως σημαντικά και απαραίτητα για την κατανόηση και ερμηνεία του φαινομένου της μετάβασης των νηπίων από το νηπιαγωγείο στο δημοτικό σχολείο, διαμόρφωσε αρχικά τους άξονες του ερωτηματολογίου που επρόκειτο να δομηθεί, περιλαμβάνοντας όσο το δυνατόν απλές και κατανοητές ερωτήσεις που να δίνουν απαντήσεις σχετικές με τους στόχους της έρευνας (Bell, 1997). Σε αυτό βοήθησαν  βέβαια και οι ελεύθερες συζητήσεις που προηγήθηκαν με άτομα του κοντινού περιβάλλοντος στα νήπια, όπου αυτό ήταν εφικτό (Cohen, Manion, 1994).

Η συλλογή του υλικού πραγματοποιήθηκε στις 11 Ιουνίου του 2018, όταν οι δράσεις της ομάδας παρέμβασης είχαν σχεδόν ολοκληρωθεί. Στη συνέχεια ακολούθησε η στατιστική επεξεργασία και ανάλυση των δεδομένων. (Φίλιας, 2000), που οδήγησε στα ακόλουθα αποτελέσματα:

Τα αποτελέσματα και τα  συμπεράσματα της διερεύνησης ανά ερώτημα ήταν τα παρακάτω:

ΕΡΕΥΝΑ ΣΤΑ ΝΗΠΙΑ 1Στο ερώτημα «Πώς νιώθεις που θα φύγεις από το νηπιαγωγείο;» απάντησε «Χαίρομαι» το 69% και «Λυπάμαι» το 31%. Κανένα νήπιο δεν εξέφρασε συναισθήματα θυμού, φόβου ή αδιαφορίας. Αν και το 1/3 των παιδιών δηλώνει λύπη αυτό το συναίσθημα δεν σχετίζεται με την μετάβασή του στο Δημοτικό και αυτό αποδεικνύεται από τα ποσοστά του επόμενου ερωτήματος.


Σε ποσοστό 92% τα νήπια δηλώνουν χαρούμενα που θα πάνε στο Δημοτικό, μόλις το 8% δηλώνει ότι λυπάται και πάλι δεν εκφράζονται συναισθήματα θυμού, φόβου ή αδιαφορίας.

Στο ερώτημα «Πώς νιώθεις που θα έχεις άλλο/η δάσκαλο/α τα νήπια απαντούν 62% «Χαίρομαι» και 38% «Λυπάμαι».


Τα ποσοστά στις παραπάνω απαντήσεις θεωρούνται αναμενόμενα και πολύ φυσιολογικά δεδομένης της στενής σχέσης που ανέπτυξαν τα νήπια δύο χρόνια με τη νηπιαγωγό τους και αξιολογείται ως πολύ θετικό το ποσοστό στην απάντηση «Χαίρομαι».

Στη συνέχεια τα νήπια απάντησαν σε ποσοστό 77% «Χαίρομαι», 0% «Λυπάμαι», 1 παιδί απάντησε «θυμώνω», 1 «Φοβάμαι» και 1 «Δεν με νοιάζει» στην ερώτηση «Πώς νιώθεις που θα κάνεις διαφορετικά μαθήματα;»


Στην ερώτηση «Πώς νιώθεις που θα κάνεις διαφορετικά πράγματα τα νήπια δήλωσαν πάλι σε ποσοστό 77% «Χαίρομαι», 15% είπε «Δεν με νοιάζει» και 8% «Λυπάμαι».


Τέλος στην ερώτηση «Πώς νιώθεις που θα αποκτήσεις νέους φίλους;» τα νήπια απάντησαν σε ποσοστό 92% «Χαίρομαι», 8% μόνο «Λυπάμαι» και δεν σημειώθηκαν απαντήσεις στις επιλογές «Θυμώνω», «Φοβάμαι» ή «Δεν με νοιάζει».



Φαίνεται ξεκάθαρα πώς τα νήπια στην πλειοψηφία τους, δεν λυπούνται, δεν αγχώνονται, δεν φοβούνται, ούτε θυμώνουν με την επικείμενη μετάβασή τους στο Δημοτικό. Χαίρονται που θα αλλάξουν σχολείο, θα μάθουν νέα πράγματα και θα κάνουν καινούργιους φίλους.

Με βάση πληροφορίες των νηπιαγωγών η πλειοψηφία των νηπίων δήλωνε πριν την έναρξη του προγράμματος παρέμβασης ότι δεν επιθυμεί να αλλάξει σχολείο ή εκπαιδευτικό. Θέματα όπως η αλλαγή περιβάλλοντος, η ύπαρξη μεγαλύτερων παιδιών στο νέο σχολείο, η αλλαγή δασκάλου/ας… δημιουργούσε αισθήματα ανασφάλειας και άγχους στα νήπια.

Τα αποτελέσματα της παραπάνω διερεύνησης θεωρούνται ιδιαίτερα θετικά και αποτελούν δείκτη επίτευξης των στόχων του προγράμματος παρέμβασης για την ομαλή μετάβαση των νηπίων στο Δημοτικό Σχολείο.